The Doctors’ first and last lines? (Doctor Who) — UPDATED December 2013

The Doctor’s first and last lines of each incarnation

Christopher L. Bennett: Written Worlds

Just for the heck of it, I’ve decided I wanted to make a list of the first and last lines uttered onscreen by each of the incarnations of the Doctor in Doctor Who.  (For those who don’t know, the Doctor can escape death by regenerating his body and mind — i.e. being recast with a new actor.)  Usually these will be their actual first and last lines — the first words uttered after a regeneration and the last words spoken before the next regeneration.  Exceptions are marked with asterisks.

NOTE: The original list has been updated with new information from the surviving clip of “The Tenth Planet” as well as from the 50th-anniversary stories “The Name of the Doctor,” “The Night of the Doctor,” and “The Day of the Doctor” and the Christmas special “The Time of the Doctor.” There are spoilers here.

First Doctor (William Hartnell):

  • First* (in-story…

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